Pounce's Offspring x Tanbark's Here Comes the Sun

OTCH Tanbark's Time to Shine UDX (4-10-2010 - ) CHARGER

About Charger, from his Owner

Charger is 21 1/2 inches and weighs 45 pounds.


I consider him high drive and in between as far as training temperament

(not hard or soft). He is very biddable. No he has not had any serious

health issues. The best thing I like about Charger is his attitude, he is

always ready to work and will go as long as you want. The least is his high

drive because sometimes the highness comes back to bite us, but I would take

that any day. I want another Pounce puppy. I think he produces great dogs.

Tanbark's Lone Star UDX SH WCX OBHF  (4/21/2010-) RILEY

About Riley - from his Owner

Riley is 22" and 60-ish pounds. He's

pretty high drive, but with good attention. His training temperament is pretty in between hard and soft - for sure not soft. He can take a correction without shutting down or pouting. He might not come up with the right answer, but keeps trying something!


He is biddable, but is not insecure about working away from me. No health issues. No allergies, never gets tired. Heat and cold doesn't bother him at all. Not spooky at all.

l love Riley's happy, can-do attitude the best - he's always up for anything, and always wants to be included.Training-wise, what I like least would be maybe his energy is a touch over the top sometimes. Might be me though - he is just my second dog to train, so someone more experienced than me might harness the energy better. His high energy is not at all hard to live with in the house or daily life. He's just as happy snuggling on the couch as he is fetching a ball.


I'm a big Pounce fan and I couldn't be happier with Riley!

MACH Tanbark's Flash'n Thru Time CD, RA, MXG, MJS, T2B3, MXF, WC, ADHF, AAD  (4/21/2010-) JOY

About Joy - from her Owner

Joy is almost 20" inches, weighs 43 pounds, and is extremely high drive, super sweet, and very biddable. Joy is all about

doing everything at 150% effort, super fast, yet is the most loving, devoted dog I've ever known. She has not had any serious health issues.


The best things about Joy are her extreme drive, her "put me in, coach" attitude and joyful personality. The only challenging thing has been that same extreme drive and speed, as I'm always far behind her and the off courses are right

in front of her.


Due to her accomplishments, Joy was invited to the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge again this year. In obedience, Joy won the 2012 So. Cal TOP DOG competition out of 84 dogs, her first time in an obedience ring, and won both obedience and agility classes at the 2013 Golden nationals. I can't say enough good things about these Pounce puppies.