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About Amy - from her owner

Amy is everything I could ask for in an agility partner. There is nothing Amy would rather do than run agility with me. After we do some agility

training, we will come back in the house and Amy will stare lovingly at

me for at least 30 minutes – as if saying – thank you, Mom – that was fun! Retrieving tennis balls and bumpers, swimming, and eating are also favorite activities. We have a pool and Amy loves to jump on the pool floats and ride them around with at least one bumper under one paw. We call her "Captain Amy!"


Amy is about 20” tall, 40 pounds, light-boned, strong, well-muscled, very fast, and extremely agile. She is a confident dog and will work with intense drive in any environment. I have never seen an ounce of stress or distraction when competing in a noisy, crowded or distracting environment. I would describe Amy as very focused with a very good work ethic. She works hard for food, tug toys, or balls, and can go from one to another with equal enthusiasm. I work at home and Amy has a great “off” switch, relaxing in my office, but ready to spring to life when it’s time to do something active. Amy has no skin problems, allergies, or health problems.

Amy's seven littermates all have tremendous drive, focus, and biddability, and have excelled in their areas of performance. 

Link to Amy's Pedigree

Link to Amy's health clearances

Amy's Accomplishments

  • Amy was the top-ranked by PowerScore (speed - in yards per sec.) non-Border Collie entered in the 2014 AKC nationals.

  • Ranked #3 in PowerScore (speed) for 2014 for All Golden Retrievers.

  • Amy's qualifying runs have almost always placed in the competitive 20" class, and more often than not, won the class.
  • Earned MACH5 at 4 years of age with over 8000 MACH points - an extraordinary accomplishment of consistency for a dog with Amy's speed

  • Qualified and competed in the 2014 AKC Agility Invitational

  • Always ranked near the top for Goldens in both Speed Points and DQs