Intermediate II Agility

Intermediate II Agility follows the Intermediate I Agility class and provides additional practice on longer and increasingly complex sequences. Students learn additional handling maneuvers and strengthen their teamwork with their dogs.


On the last night of Intermediate II class, students run a short, simple course to assess their readiness to progress to the next level. Those who are most ready to advance are offered available slots in the Starters/Novice Competition Agility classes. Some handlers who are ready may be placed on a waiting list until additional spaces open up. Handlers who are not ready will need to repeat Intermediate I Agility and/or Intermediate II Agility, or take private lesons. Reasons for repeating may include obedience deficiencies or confidence problems on the part of the dog. In other instances, the dog may be doing well but the handler needs more work on handling.


Intermediate II Agility classes meet on Thursday nights from 7 - 8 PM and from 8:30 - 9:30 PM. The fee for the course is $150. Intermediate II is offered twice per year, starting around April and October. Printable Enrollment Form.