Intermediate I Agility

Intermediate I Agility focuses on independence on obstacles, and learning to sequence smoothly from one obstacle to the next. Students learn to give timely commands, to provide consistent and smooth body cues, and to develop teamwork with their dogs.


To enroll in Intermediate I Agility, your dog must have successfully completed our Beginning Agility course or have demonstrated his ability to perform each of the agility obstacles through a private lesson/evaluation with a member of our staff. All class work is performed off-lead, therefore, your dog also must be able to Sit, Stay, Down, and Come on command, off-lead with a variety of distractions present.

Intermediate I classes meet on Thursday nights from 7 - 8 PM and from 8:30 - 9:30 PM. The fee for this 8-week course is $195. Intermediate I Agility is offered twice per year, starting around February and September. Printable Enrollment Form