Our Philosophy

At FlashPaws, we assume that all of our students will eventually want to enter and compete in agility trials and will want their dog(s) to be the best they can be. We have found that this is almost always the case even for those who start out with more casual aspirations. To this end, we train all of our students with high-level standards in mind from the very start, so that no retraining will be necessary when and if they decide they want to compete.


Dogs that are retrained are rarely as reliable or as fast as those who were trained with high standards from the start. By eliminating the need to retrain, our students are ready to compete and earn titles faster than if they had started with a more casual training philosophy. Besides focusing on smooth excellence from the start, FlashPaws training methods:

  • Are positive and confidence-building.

  • Emphasize skill building to isolate and train essential dog and handler skills.

  • Place early emphasis on distance training and handling to take advantage of the dog's speed.

  • Result in competitive success for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

  • Are motivational and fun for dog and handler!