Puppy Sounds CD Track List


Airport Sounds: Jets and commuter prop planes taxiing. Recorded from the rooftop of an airport parking garage overlooking many gates. If you are going to ship a pup by air, this is what the pup will hear during his trip.

Train: An Amtrak passenger train arriving at a station with train whistles and the low reverberation of the tons of metal, the squeal of the brakes. Good for low frequency sensitivity.

Traffic Noise: Traffic going by at lunch rush hour. Loud trucks, cars, everything else. Good for dogs who will be out in public places with traffic.

Helicopter: A medical helicopter taking off from a hospital landing field. If you have pups that may be used for search and rescue and find themselves in a helicopter, this is an excellent track.

Kennel Sounds: A typical kennel. One dog is jumping repetitively on its kennel walls.

Stressed Dogs: The dogs in this track were in a veterinary clinic. They were pre- and post-surgical. Personnel are in and out checking on them.



Thunderstorms: Use a longer track to desensitize an adult; this track is for the babies. Again if your dam is sensitive to this, remove her from earshot.

Field Guns: Field guns and whistles that simulate what you would hear at a field event. Dogs barking in the background. Good for any future gundog or any pup that might hear gunfire in the future.

Orchestra Warm-up: An odd track, but service dogs might hear an outdoor concert with their owner.

Percussion: Celeste, xylaphone, and tympani. The things in an orchestra that might go boom. This should interest pups.


Geese and Ducks: For future gundogs.

Sheep: For future herding dogs.



Kitchen Sounds

Garage Door

Lawn Mower


Babies Crying

Kid's Arcade

Food Court: A busy food court with the sound of chopping veggies on a grill, and one very obnoxious toddler. Thick, busy sounds for your pup.

Skateboard Indoor and Outdoor Sounds: For dogs who have trouble with the odd moving object that makes the bad sizzling sound. The indoor tracks have more booms from the wooden ramps of a skateboard park. The outdoor sounds concentrate on the wheels scrubbing against rough concrete.


Outdoor Applause

Indoor Show Sounds/Applause: This track is from a cluster show with 2,000 entries and takes place during the group judging. Loud room sounds interspersed with group/BOB applause.

Dog Dryer: The infamous dog dryer in a show setting. Get your pups ready for their first baths.