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Relax for Dogs - 2 oz. CLEARANCE SALE!

Relax is a flower essence formula containing natural ingredients. Relax is ideal for daily training and for events, as well as for traveling, nail trimming, clipping, and general handling. The dog stays alert and focused.


Satisfied customers have used Relax for weaning, puppy training, retraining, shows, Fourth of July, virtually any time the dog is subject to stress. Respected trainer Kathy Lang says, in her column "The Light Line" in Front and Finish, "The most recent example of success with this product occurred a few weeks ago. An unsocialized, unneutered 9-month old male German Shepherd came to the first week of obedience class as a barking, growling, lunging, fearful maniac. Within two weeks of using Relax prior to coming to class, this dog was quiet and calm, and would sit for greeting and petting by other handlers accompanied by their dogs. Once we were able to use the Relax to take the edge off the dog, our traditional desensitization techniques were able to work. By the end of the eight week class the owner had slowly reduced the dose required to keep the dog calm, and was working toward eliminating its use in all but the most severely distressing situations."


Directions: Give 5 sprays directly on the back of the dog's tongue, or on a handful of food. Since there is no discernable taste, the dogs accept it quite readily. Repeat every few minutes until desired results are obtained. As a general rule, most dogs will need about 20 sprays over an 8-10 minute period; more may be given if needed with no side effects. Relax may be used immediately before an event.


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Walnut, Star of Bethlehem, Olive, Heather, Chestnut Bud and .05% Alcohol as a preservative.

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